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Our commitment to search for the best land suitable for forest.

We manage to construct a beautiful forest home for you according to the local laws and standards.

Our team of experts do plantation with 92% survival rate.

An initiative to preserve our mother nature by planting a tree which will never go under deforestation.

we manage your forest so that they can grow faster and stronger.

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Invest in Forest

Land and Forest is considered only business which never gets affected with slowdown of economy. 

Invest now to get 5% annual return and upto 250% return over maturity. 

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“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider,

every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

And we could not define the value of forests more aptly than this. Forests, in all their glory, can be the very reason for your existence, both spiritually and financially.

Over the years, several businesses have failed, large corporations have submerged, and even the most profitable industries have plummeted. This has dawned the realization that there is no stability even in the most coveted of business ideas.

In order to flourish in the long-run, there is an urgent need to diversify into more profitable and sustainable opportunities. And there is no better prospect than a forest. As per historical evidence, the price of land always rises in the long-run, and when you couple it with planting profitable trees like Timber, you further enhance your profitability. Money experts specify, Timber is like money in the bank, it can be left to grow or cashed in massively.

As of today, the global forest area is 4.06 billion hectares, which itself represents a massive commercial opportunity. We, at Future Forest, become the enablers for your glorious future. We understand your financial needs, budget constraints, and accordingly conduct an extensive global search to find you the perfect, and potentially-profitable forest land.

Our forest land proposals are strictly scrutinized on critical financial parameters by our in-house horticulture experts. These experts survey the proposed land, and further advice on the best trees to grow on a particular piece of land. The recommendations are offered to enable our prestigious clients to maximize their revenues.

Future Forest offers a comprehensive end-to-end buying support. We take care of the paperwork, documentation, sanctions, permits, and registration to offer you a holistic service. Besides, we conduct in-depth soil testing, plant the most profitable and appropriate-to-land trees, and further ensure the healthy maintenance of your precious forest.

Trust us to secure your financial future with the utmost profits and holistic support.

“The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself.

It is the only place for us to live.”
-Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan

Back in Time


We are growing forest for our future, thats why we are Future Forest.

Started with a unique concept of growing and selling of forest around the globe. Founded in Estonia, got roots in India and soon coming to UAE. 

Our mission is to make Earth as carbon neutral thats why we are developing solution for Carbon Offsets around the world. 

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Plant a Tree

Do something to preserve our mother nature by Planting a tree and which will be taken care by our team and will never go under deforestation.




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