Future is Forest


Living and caping in forest is dream of all and that too when world is losing forest day by day. Thats why we provide you a service of constructing home on your own forest land by keeping following things in mind. 

  • Local material to be used in construction of home.

  • It should follow all laws made by local authorities.

  • It should get proper electricity and water supply so that our clients can enjoy uninterrupted experience with their beloved once.

  • It should get accessible by road. 

  • Soil testing to be performed as sometime forest soil is muddy or loamy and it can bare load of building.

  • Our team will make floor plans in coordination with our clients. 

  • We make sure that our cleaning team should nicely clean your home before the moment you arrive there. 

  • Our local support team can arrange food, vehicle and other needful things on your forest home. (Future forest should be given a written letter at-least one week prior to arrival of guest).

Currently we are providing service in whole Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and India.