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Future Forest is enabling you to invest in forest land because we sincerely understand that you have dreams that are bigger than life. Our forest investment proposal is well-curated for you because we know forests have the potential to offer you significant and stable returns in a short period of time.

Here are the top six reasons that justify why you should buy a forest:

  1. Forests lands have easy ownership and are relatively expensive as compared to other purpose lands.

  2. The value of land will continue to rise as land is becoming more and more scare to possess.

  3. The right trees planted on your forest land can be harvested in conjunction with optimal market times, instead of being limited by harvest seasons like agricultural lands.

  4. As a forest owner, you can simply wait for a good market to sell your timber, or another fine-wood tree, and the value of timber/tree will continue to grow in the interim.

  5. With a small maturity period of eight years, the forest trees like pine have the potential to maximize your returns from 1 EURO to 25 EUROs, averagely.

  6. Forest pine lands produce wood fibre at a much higher rate than lands growing other types of trees.
    More fibre in less time = better investment.

Apart from the financial benefits, owning a forest is like community service. You are growing trees and protecting nature for the future.