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Future is Forest


Forest land is always considered as gem in real estate investment. They are maintenance free investments. 

World is doing deforestation at very fast rate, Between 2015 and 2020, the rate of deforestation was estimated at 10 million hectares per year. We help our clients to buy land which is marked under forest or where forest can be grown. 

We search for the best forest land available according to our client's need and got registered on his name. We make sure to get soil testing report and all local clearances. It doesn't matter where the land is located, we make sure that our team do their best to get favorable deal for you .

Currently we have our services in following countries. 






If your requirement for forest land starts from 50 Acres then you can contact us. From 50 to endless.

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Basic calculation of Return over Investment.

Returns over Investment:



Current price of pine wood                                                                                            = 70 Euro/Cu. mtr

Approx. volume of Pine tree (0.63’ x 20’)                                                                      = 0.35 Cu. mtr

Volume per Acre                                                                                                             = 350 Cu. mtr.

Price of wood per Acre on maturity                                                                              = 24,500 Euro


Key Benefits:

  • Profit of up to 250% within 8 – 10 years.

  • On maturity of Forest land will be asset for buyer and can regrow forest on it.

  • Client is free to sell his forest to anyone without any restrictions.

  • Our company will do the maintenance of forest on the behalf of our client without any cost for first 2 years.

  • On maturity of forest, our company will help in selling and cutting the forest.



  • 20% payment to be made at the time of signing the contract. Payment to be made in company’s European account.

  • Company will start doing paper work for company registration.

  • Rest payment at the time of registry in Notary (Mostly it is done digitally with digital card or web Notary).

  • Whole process can be done online via video conferencing.

  • Process will take around 2 months to complete after receiving advance payment.