Future Forest is starting a new project to plant 60,000 Scottish Pine trees in Estonia. Land is bought and bookings are open for plantation. This is the high time to do little for your beloved ones.


Location: Tartu, Estonia 

Land Detail: Cadastral Number 79402:001:0625

Total Plant: 60,000 



  • Plant a tree and become owner of 4 sq.ft  of forest Land in Europe. Land is your so no one can cut that tree without your concern.

  • You get a tree with its location over map.

  • We will make sure for its growth and maintenance. 

  • You will get the certification of plantation.

  • You will get the document which proves that land belongs to you. 

  • Future Forest will take care of its lifetime maintenance which will make sure that these trees will never get cut. 

  • Get photos in every quarter. 

Price per plant: 100 Euro including everything.

7 Metric tons of O2 every year*

What includes this 100 Euro?

  • Cost of 4 sq.ft of land.

  • Ground Flipping.

  • Soil Testing

  • Buying of Saplings.

  • Plantation. 

  • Animal Protection

  • Supports for new plants.

  • Maintenance for life time

  • Certifications and other paper works. 

*Production of 7 metric tons of oxygen every year on maturity of tree. Source https://growingair.nl/facts/

Project: European 372

Actual Site Photos